Regional Occupational Care Center
The Regional Occupational Care Center (ROCC) is committed to providing superior quality, cost-effective employee health services to business and industry while maintaining positive health outcomes for patients, strong communications among the healthcare team, and quick responsiveness to company needs.

ROCC offers an array of occupational health and safety programs that can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of your business.

ROCC can help you:

  • Reduce workers' compensation and healthcare costs.
  • Return injured workers to the workplace quickly and safely.
  • Improve the safety of your workplace.
  • Comply with industry-specific regulations for health and medical testing.
  • Develop workplace health and safety policies and procedures.
A special relationship exists between a worker, the employer, and the occupational physician. The success of such a program requires good communication with all parties, serving the healthcare needs of the worker while ensuring a safe and timely return to work.

ATTENTION: After 5PM, please call to confirm drug screen availability. Thank you!

Travel Medicine - Stay Healthy While Traveling

Take a Trip to ROCC

If you're traveling abroad, you've probably planned many details — from where to stay to what to see. But there's one trip you want to take before you leave: Be sure to visit Regional Occupational Care Center (ROCC).

For people planning to travel out of the United States, particularly to countries in Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and Eastern Europe, it is extremely important to see a travel medicine specialist.

Check out the Travel Medicine Brochure located below for more details about our services and who should use travel medicine services.

Injury Management

  • Same Day Injury Care
  • Work-Related Illness Intervention
  • On-Site Physician Services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Radiologic Studies
  • Out-Patient Surgery
  • Referral to Specialists
  • On-Site Programs
  • Walk-In Clinic
  • After Hours Drug Screens & Breath Alcohol Testing

Employee Health

  • Physicals
       DOT / CDL 
       Fitness for Duty
       Medical Surveillance (OSHA)
       Second Opinions
       Travel Medicine Consultation
       FAA Physicals
       Independent Medical Exams (IME)
  • Chest X-Rays
  • Hearing Tests & Conservation Programs
  • Vision Testing
  • Pulmonary Function Tests
  • Immunizations
  • Travel Health
  • Wellness Programs
  • Respiratory Protection Programs
  • On-Site & After Hour Drug Screens