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The Benefits of Surgery Center Outpatient Care
Surgery can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when you don’t know what to expect. However, when surgery becomes a “when” rather than an “if,” you’re faced with the choice of undergoing surgery in a hospital setting or a surgery center. Though not all surgery centers can accommodate all types of surgeries, the wide variety of surgery centers available to patients can ensure they receive the care they need and deserve.

What Is a Surgery Center?

Surgery centers are outpatient medical practices in which patients can undergo many types of surgeries or procedures. These centers are typically owned by the doctors rather than a nonprofit or corporate-funded hospital. While some smaller centers focus on only a few procedures, there are plenty of centers that offer a diverse range of surgical procedures, from cosmetic surgery to optometric surgery.
The number of surgery centers continues to increase across the nation, with more than 5,000 currently open. While these centers do not offer primary care, emergency room or urgent care services, they are a popular choice for those who have chosen surgery as the most appropriate course of action for their health.

How Are They Better Than Hospitals?

When you think of hospitals, you may think of the white gowns, uncomfortable rooms, cafeteria food and nameless nurses and doctors who have dozens of other patients to whom they have to attend. This is not usually the case with outpatient surgery centers. Because these surgery centers are smaller than hospitals, they can afford to offer more one-on-one time with their patients to get to know them and accommodate their needs. Though some centers may look similar to hospitals, the service you receive while inside is on an entirely different level.
Perhaps most important of all, thousands of patients flock to outpatient surgery centers because they tend to cost much less than surgery and an overnight stay in the hospital. Because hospitals charge so much more than surgery centers, you may have to pay significantly more out of pocket. This will get you closer to meeting your deductible but most people would rather hold onto their money, even if it means it’ll take longer to reach their deductible. At a surgery center, however, your insurance is billed far less and you will likely be charged less out of pocket than you would for the same procedure in a hospital setting. You’ll leave with the same surgical results for a much lower cost.

Putting Your Health First at Unity Healthcare

While hospitals tend to be the first thing that comes to mind when considering major procedures like surgeries, outpatient surgery centers can offer the same results with a more personal touch at a lower price point. To learn more about Unity Healthcare’s wide variety of medical procedures, contact us online or call 765-446-5000.