Outpatient Surgery
Why Unity Surgical Center is Your #1 Choice for Outpatient Surgery
Sometimes you don’t have control over what hospital you’re going to, due to an unforeseen emergency. However, there are many procedures that require planning and scheduling, one part is choosing what hospital or healthcare group you’re going to. Unity Surgical Center should be your number one choice. In this blog post, the Unity Surgical Center team will walk you through some of the reasons we’re the best choice you can make when it comes to outpatient surgery.

What is Outpatient Surgery?

If you have a surgical procedure that doesn’t include an overnight stay, then it’s an outpatient surgery. Almost two-thirds of all operations are being done in outpatient facilities. Outpatient surgical procedures, while not emergencies, require anesthesia or some form of numbing. Some sample procedures include cataracts, pain injections, minimally invasive gallbladder removals, carpal tunnel, fracture repairs, spine surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, sinus, tonsils and ear tubes, colonoscopy, hand, shoulder, hip and knee repairs, hernias and breast surgeries; overnight comfort suites. But why should you choose Unity Surgical Center?

Unity Surgical Center’s Outpatient Surgical Options Are Convenient

While working closely with your primary care physician or specialist, patients visiting Unity Surgical Center will find free and easily accessible parking and a comfortable, friendly environment for check-in. Our well-trained nurses and staff offer professional, efficient and compassionate care to all patients. For the convenience of our patients requiring further care, we offer comfortable overnight suites. Unity Surgical Center is dedicated to providing patients with convenience, comfort and choice.

Shorter Stay. Faster Recovery. New Lower Costs.

As leaders in outpatient care, Unity Surgical Center specializes in minimally invasive procedures in over 15 specialties. We are committed to getting you healthy, home and back to your life, now with substantially lower costs. Because to us, it's all about you. Unity Surgical Center - experts in high quality outpatient surgical care, now for less. Talk with your physician today!