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How do I sign up for myHealth@UHC?

Manage Your Health Online!
Unity Healthcare is excited to bring our patients the latest advance in personal health care management. Welcome to myHealth@UHC Patient Health Portal, the next big leap in health technology.

myHealth@UHC is a secure, convenient way to manage your personal health care online. This FREE self-service health management tool can improve interactions with your doctor's office, document important health care information and ultimately give you the ability to make more informed decisions about your health.


  • ONLINE ACCESS - ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: View your health information electronically via a web browser
  • THE COMFORT OF A SECURE ENVIRONMENT: Your health information is posted to a highly secure data repository
  • Download, fax, and email select health information – immunizations history, school exam forms, and more
  • View personal health information from other participating organizations outside Unity
  • Review your personal medical records
  • View test and lab results
  • Request appointments when it’s convenient for you
  • Request prescription refills
  • Send and receive messages from your Doctor’s office
  • Receive reminders for preventative and follow-up care
Click here for the English demonstration video.
Click here for the Spanish demonstration video.


If a patient has not received an invitation email, but wishes to connect with myHealth@UHC the following should be done:

1. Go to
2. Click on Create an Account
3. Fill in the information correctly. Provide an accurate zip code.
4. Choose Unity Healthcare as the organization that you want to connect with.
5. After completing these steps, Unity Healthcare will receive notice of the request for a connection. The request will be processed and a notice of the connection or rejection will be made.

Why is my provider not available?
Providers currently using our electronic medical record are available on myHealth@UHC.  If your provider is not currently using our electronic medical record system, they will not be available.

What is the order of providers listed in "My Providers"?
Providers are listed with the most frequently visited at the top of the list, the least visited provider will be at the bottom.

Is there an app for the iPhone or Android?
Yes, just download the FollowMyHealth Mobile app from iTunes or Google Play.

How far back is my health record available?
Everything from 1/1/2013 to the present is viewable on your account.
Click here for step by step instructions for everything in our patient portal.

Proxy Accounts
Proxy or Dependent Accounts allows you to securely communicate with a patient’s physician office on behalf of a family member or person under your care.  This communication is done using a myHealth@UHC account.  Proxy access is granted once an authorization form has been completed and processed by the physician office the patient is receiving care.  The physician office will scan your ID and inform you of any other best cbd oil for pain documentation necessary to provide access.

Communications consists of:

  • Communicate securely with physician and staff
  • Request Appointments
  • Renew Prescriptions
  • View lab results
  • Review Medical Records

Pediatric Proxy/Dependent Accounts
These types of accounts allow the parent or guardian to securely access information on behalf of a pediatric patient under the age of 14 years old.  On the patients 14th birthday it will automatically terminate due to privacy concerns.

Adult Proxy Accounts
These types of accounts allows access to help manage adult patient care who is 18 years of age or older.  In order to obtain access, the patient can invite another person, or obtain this permission from the physician office by signing an authorization form. 

Sharing your Portal Information with a spouse or other caregiver
A patient can also grant proxy access to their own myHealth@UHC account to another person.

1. Log into your account and select Settings > Change Account Access.
2. Enter the email address of the individual you would like to grant proxy access to.
3. Select a pass code for the individual to enter when accessing your account.
4. Provide this code to the proxy.

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