Lafayette Anesthesiologists
Comfort and Safety for Your Surgical Procedure
Throughout the surgical process, from pre-surgical admission until a patient is moved into recovery, Unity Healthcare's residency tranined anesthesiologists work with surgeons, specialists, and a team of nurses to ensure the patient's safety and comfort. Lafayette Anesthesiologists play an important role on the surgical team by administering the medication, called anesthesia, to help ensure your comfort during the surgical procedure. The anesthesiologist will work with technology and other healthcare professionals to ensure that vital body functions, such as breathing, heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, and body temperature, are stable and at safe levels during the procedures.

All anesthesia care at Unity Surgical Center is provided by physicians specialized in anesthesiology. These doctors completed a four-year college degree, then four years of graduate doctoral training, followed by three to four more years in a certified anesthesiology residency. Their role in your operative experience is not only to ensure your comfort but to make informed medical judgments and interventions for your safety and critical life functions. A number of different anesthetic techniques may be considered for your particular case, and your anesthesiologist will discuss options and preferences with you before surgery. Your physician anesthesiologist will personally provide care for you from the pre-operative evaluation, throughout the surgery, and finally to recovery in the post-anesthesia care unit. At Unity Surgical Center, we strive to make your surgery as comfortable, safe, and convenient as possible and to get you back home on the road to recovery.

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Lafayette Anesthesiologists provides peri-operative care for all surgical subspecialties at Unity Healthcare including:

  • Preoperative consultation
  • Intra-operative care
  • Postoperative management as required